Caisa Adamek


Age: 32
Experience: 20 years
Specialization: Basson, Saxophone

    About Me

    Caisa Adamek is a brilliant musician, with a Masters Degree in Music from Lund University. She has worked in some of the best orchestras in Sweden and are now a freelance bassoonist and the studios pair of second ears when it comes to finalising a mix.

    Caisa loves video games and Doctor Who.


    Caisa is well known as a professional musician with a relaxed and friendly maner. She loves ensemble work and the intricate interplay that comes along with it.

    Caisa is constantly developing as a musician, always with new and  exciting projects on the horizon. Baroque, classical, romantic or video game music is all well within her repertoire.


    Bassoon skills 100%
    Avista reading 100%
    Availability 50%
    Taste 100%
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