17 September, 2017

Niclas Gustafsson

Niclas GustafssonEngineer, Producer, Musician Age: 35 Experience: 25 years Specialization: Engineer, Producer, Musician +46 76 209 71 79niclas@theswedishmusicstudio.com Δ About Me Niclas Gustafsson has been singing, playing and writing himself through most of his life. Studied clarinet and saxophone at Ingesunds College of Music and Falun Music Conservatory; and clarinet, bass clarinet and music production at Lund University. Niclas works in many different genres, writing and arranging music for windbands, theater, small ensembles and more. He has worked in many different professional orchestras around the country, playing the streets as a troubadour, worked in musicals, theaters, operas and more. Now he has 3 kids and an employment as an instrumental teacher at Gagnef School of Arts, teaching clarinet, saxophone, piano, bass, ukulele, guitar and irish flutes. Contact Me ExperienceTeamwork Teamwork is an important part of working in audio. Niclas makes sure that the customer always feel listened to, and are feeling safe to express their true emotions in the studio environment. Self Development If there is a new thing to learn, Niclas is all over it. Music, he says, is like a puzzle with no images, fitting together at random. There is nothing more exciting than to learn a new technique and then finding a totally new way of using it! Sociality Born and raised in the north, Niclas can be perceived as a silent and reserved person at first. But that quickly changes in to a warm hearted personality with a huge passion for the art. SkillsWork ethic 98%Nerdiness 100%Clarinet skills 100%Engineering 95%
17 September, 2017

Caisa Adamek

Caisa AdamekMusician Age: 32 Experience: 20 years Specialization: Basson, Saxophone caisa.adamek@gmail.com Δ About Me Caisa Adamek is a brilliant musician, with a Masters Degree in Music from Lund University. She has worked in some of the best orchestras in Sweden and are now a freelance bassoonist and the studios pair of second ears when it comes to finalising a mix. Caisa loves video games and Doctor Who. Contact Me ExperienceTeamwork Caisa is well known as a professional musician with a relaxed and friendly maner. She loves ensemble work and the intricate interplay that comes along with it. Self Development Caisa is constantly developing as a musician, always with new and  exciting projects on the horizon. Baroque, classical, romantic or video game music is all well within her repertoire. SkillsBassoon skills 100%Avista reading 100%Availability 50%Taste 100%
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