The most important, and intimate, part of any song is the vocal performance. Recording it require patience, a feeling of comfort, and skills both behind and in front of the microphone. We can record your vocals here in our studio, or at any location you might prefer.

The Swedish Music Studio is your home studio away from home. A relaxed environment is key to be able to give 100% in every take.


Feeling confident is important for a strong vocal delivery. We make sure that you can perform at the peak of your abilities.

  • The studio is a phone free, and worry free, zone
  • Recording on your terms
  • Time is never an issue. No hourly fee, no deadlines.
  • 10 years of teaching music, right at your disposal

We have over a decade worth of bringing the best out of talents, young and old. It’s one of the best parts of the business.


We have a small but great selection of vocal microphones that suite a wide range of voices. If you have a favourite vocal mic, contact us in advance to make sure we have it, or have the ability to rent it for you.


Location recording

Do you feel most comfortable singing at home? No problem. We can come to you. Our Mobile Studio can record anywhere, even in the cabin without electricity or outdoors. (Read more about mobile recording here)


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