What is remote recording?

Many musicians struggle with great songs and bad recordings. We can help you get that sorted out, and we don’t even have to meet!

When you book a remote recording session service, we will contact you to ask a number of questions. Based on that we will put together the best solution for you, to take your recordings to the next level.

Next is the actual sessions. We will communicate via Zoom/Facetime/Messenger, so a good fiber or wifi connection is recommended, but not needed.

The recording process is a five step workshop/session over a mobile unit of some sort (So that you can angle the camera at what ever we are up to).

  1. We help you set your gear up. Plugging it in, adjusting gain level, talking about microphone recording techniques etc.
  2. We go over your recording software, and where all the buttons are. We recommend using the free version of Studio One to be fully compatible with our studio, but any DAW will work just fine.
  3. Next you get to try all this out while we are watching, answering questions and listening to you swearing and trying again. (If you want some privacy we schedual a call back at a later time. Anyway you feel comfortable.)
  4. You will then send us a snippet of your recording. We will listen, give feedback, rince and repeat step 2-3 until you know your way around.
  5. You record your material in piece and quiet. You are more than welcome to check in with us now and then to get some new feedback on your progress.
  6. Bonus step: we’ll mix the song for you after recording is complete!

This works almost no matter where in the world you are. We are located in a UTC+1 (winter) or UTC+2 (summer) country (Sweden) and video calls are restricted to between 06:00 and 00:00 local time, due to kids and private life.

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