Making music should be easy and joyful. At The Swedish Music Studio we aim at making that final process we call mixing a whole lot easier.

We think every song deserves to be as good as it can be. No matter if it will end up on the Billboards or only be heard by your half deaf grand mother, every song is a piece of art, and a part of your soul.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You send the raw tracks to me, and after a little while you get a stereo track back, ready for mastering, or release depending on what you want and need from us.

In more details, when you book a mixing service, we will contact you to get more details about several things:

  • What your goals for the production are. Straight up mixing, editing of the raw tracks before mixing, or even adding a few extra instruments to the song before any processing begins.
  • What we can offer you, based on the presented material. We always offer our honest opinon on how far we can take the song in it’s current state, and if there is anything the customer can do before sending the material to us.
  • What your aims are in terms of sound. You might be thinking Alan Walker, when we hear Adele. 😉

You will also receive easy to follow instructions on how to export your tracks properly, and if you need assistance along the way, we are just a zoom call or chat button away.

Why an Online Mixing Service?

We think more musicians should be able to focus on their music. All year long we talk to people who has drawers filled with recorded songs that never gets released because what they got in musicianship and creativity they lack in mixing skills. To hire an engineer is a huge step for many, because music is a very personal thing, and it’s hard to share it with someone else. We understand this, because we’ve been there.

What we feel are the most important qualities in trusting a third party to finish what you started are:

  • One on One communication
  • Respect for your musical choices
  • Reasonable pricing, tailored to your needs and wallet.

Our studio lack the huge expenses normally associated with a music studio, but we never cut corners when it comes to the sound.

What about mastering?

Mastering is a bit misunderstood. It refers to the process that follows after mixing, before release, and is traditionally separate from mixing, done in another studio by another engineer.

Do you need mastering?

Well that is the question. We are perfectly happy to mix AND master your track to make it ready for release. This is a great budget alternative for single releases and we are confident that the end result will sound great.

However, for entire albums and when aiming at the highest possible quality for your song, mastering done by a professional mastering engineer is essential. We have great contacts with some of the best mastering engineers in Sweden, and are very happy to make sure you are in the best of hands.


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