Our passion is writing music. That extra line of a guitar that lifts the chorus, or those strings that gives the melody support and an extra level of depth is what we love to create. We have written for Windbands, pop ensembles, strings quartets and youth orchestras all over Sweden.

Transforming the bare bone lyrics and chords to a complete song is a delicate process all of its own.

The arrangement can either be sounding, recorded to your tracks, this is what is often refered to as “producing” a track, which in reality is so much more than just the arrangement. Or it can be written down for others to play, either live or in the studio.

Sheet music

We provide a variety of services for sheet music. Using Steinberg Dorico for engraving ensures a high quality and beautiful graphics.

  • String quartet
  • Windband
  • Pop orchestras
  • Piano solo
  • Transcribing your recordings
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