There are a lot of musicians out there who doesn’t have time or money to record in a proper large format studio (if you did, you probably stop browsing this site long ago and headed towards Abbey Road! LOL!) Lots of amazing songs out there with no “commercial value” to invest tens of thousands in, but still needs to be recorded and released! It’s not a question of if, but when. I know, I’m a musician too! Songs just needs to be released out into the world for us to feel complete!

This is where I can help! No matter where you are in the world. I am right there helping you along the way. Making the right purchases, rents the right stuff if needed, setting it up and when you are all done recording I will mix and master it for you or helping you sending it to the right persons! It literally couldn’t be easier!

I am a professional musician with a masters degree in clarinet from Musikhögskolan I Malmö, Lund University. Studied with Andreas Sundén (Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra), Anders Åberg (Malmö Opera Orchestra), Carl-Johan Stjernström (Malmö Symphony Orchestra) and others. Studied saxophone for Martin Eriksson (Nordic Saxophone Quartet), and also know my way around the piano, electric bass, ukulele, flute and guitar.

So where am I going with this? Well glad you asked. If you need anything (well… not ANYTHING…) for your already recorded song I can to it! I can either play from sheet music or make up my own part as we go along. And if i don’t play the intstrument you require, i most certainly know people who do and can arrange for recordings of anything from keyharp, suboctocontrarecorders and bassoons to digeridoos and oud.


I have a small but well treated room, suited for voice over, vocal recordings, guitars, basses and wind instruments or anything else you can think of. I have a good collection of microphones and instruments at my disposal and the best near field monitoring chain money can buy!


This is what I love to do the most – make music! I love doing backing tracks for your top lining, or write music to your lyrics. I even arrange a bit for wind bands and classical ensembles.