We strive to offer a good dialogue during the entire process and offer multiple revisions on every mix, master and production, to ensure that the expectations of the end product is met. The customer will have the opportunity to approve drafts and revisions before final delivery.

  • We will reach out to you by the email used in the checkout with clear instructions on how to deliver the raw material to us, along with information on estimated delivery date. If there is any questions, please contact us before placing an order.
  • If the order is time sensitive please reach out to us directly and we will give you a custom price.

  • The material provided is owned by the customer, and will never be used outside the purpose of the specific order. The raw material sent will be stored in our archives at least 30 days, but can be removed on request.
  • The Swedish Music Studio will keep the product online for download at least 30 days after the completion of the order.
  • The customer are responsible for obtaining the legal rights to the raw material sent to us, and The Swedish Music Studio and it’s owner is not, and will never be involved in, or responsible for, any legal issues regarding the finished product.
  • The customer understands that we offer a service of processing the audio material sent to us, and are not to be liable for any financial, physical or psychological damage the customer might suffer because of the finished product delivered by us.

  • We offer our customers to be a part of our presence on social media and on our website, and would be thrilled to be able to advertise the release of the product together with you. We will post links, tags, pictures and texts about the product, but only if the customer allows it of course.
  • We reserve the right reach out to you at one single occasion, by email, after the product is delivered encouraging you to write a review of our services to help us further grow our customer base.

Refund policy

Because of policies from the credit card companies supplying us with the fantastic feature of delayed, sliced and secure payments along with other incredible services, we are forced to offer a 14 day money back guarantee. This means we won’t start working on your product for at least 14 days after the order is placed, just to be able to offer you this service. If you withdraw your order within that time, all money will be refunded, no questions asked.

If an order is cancelled while still on queue to be processed, we offer a full refund.

If an order is cancelled whiled worked on by us, your order is refunded, minus a variable fee. The fee is based on the amount of work already spent on the product, calculated with a standard fee of €20/h excl. VAT.

We do not offer refunds for already delivered products, since the product is owned by the customer and all immaterial rights are held by the customer, and can not be sold on to anyone else.

All raw material sent to us, accompanying the order, will be destroyed once the cancellation is complete.

All refunds are processed by the third party service which was used during the purchase, and The Swedish Music Studio has no control over when and how the payment is refunded.

Reach out to us via the contact form for any questions.

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