The all-in-one package for recording your own music in the safe space of your own home. Included workshops, on-call assistance and mixing of your song!


The remote recording package was developed to help you grow as a musician. The ultimate all-in-one solution to make the recording process as easy as it possibly can be. 

The service contains live online workshops (scheduled as we progress. No hurry!). We walk you through the entire recording process. From buying the gear you need, to how to set them up properly, how to get around the recording software and a lot more.

  • No previous knowledge on recording is required.
  • Record your music at home – with professional results!
  • Proceed in your own time.
  • On-call assistance during scheduled recording sessions.

Remote Recording

  • In our studio we use Presonus Studio One as our main DAW, and we highly recommend using their affordable products, but any software and any gear will work just as good.

Once all the tracks are recorded, we will help you export the song and to send it to us for mixing and mastering, which is included in the service with no extra charge. This offer is limited to 1 song, but there is add-ons to get additional songs mixed for a heavy discount!

Get in touch with us before ordering this service, if you have any questions!

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