The Online Mixing package is the best service we can provide, and at the lowest possible cost. A simple option for the experienced musician.


The Online Mixing service is the solution for musicians who want great service at a low price. No fuzz, no additional costs that drives the price into the sky, and best of all, mastering is included! 

Mixing the song that took you forever to write, arrange and record is most often expensive, if you can’t do it yourself.

We provide an affordable choice! We have stripped away all the unnecessary bloat that is normally included, and let you do the heavy lifting before sending us the tracks to work on. The better the tracks sound when we get them, the better the end product will be once you get it back in your hands!

Included in this service:

  • Vocal tuning and editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering (optional)
  • 2 revisions

We would be glad to help you on your way to a great finished song. Send us a demo before ordering and we’ll take a listen and give you any feedback we possibly can regarding the recored tracks and arrangement.

  • Vocal tuning is included in the package, however the rest of the tracks, must be edited before sending it to us. Timing alignment of the instrument tracks nor background vocals is not included in this service.

Check list:

    • No more than 30 audio tracks.
    • No midi tracks.
    • Export the tracks from the same point in time. Please try to import the exported tracks in a new project before sending to ensure everything works.
    • Make sure all plugins are turned off before exporting, with the exception of creative plugins such as guitar amps.
    • Exported tracks must be in a lossless format (.wav) and at least 24 bit, 44,1khz.
    • The exported tracks must be labeled correctly (Artist – Song Name – Track Name/Instrument)
    • If you have any references for the general style of the song you want me to be aware of, please attach links in the folder.
    • All tracks and other relevant information must be sent in a zipped folder. (Link to a cloud service where you can upload your material will be sent by email shortly after purchase.)
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