The perfect service for the demo, or for those songs you just want polished enough to show to friends and family. We deliver your song in no time, ready to be shared with all your friends and family!

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Perfect for the demo song, or beginner home recordist. Great for anyone who just want to show friends and family their latest creation. The ”Fast and dirty” will give you a song to be proud of in no time!

We take care to sculpt the mix in the best way possible. Trimming the edges, balancing the tracks and sprinkling some fairy dust on top to make the song really shine.

To be honest it is basically the same as our other services, but a bit less polished, and a lot more affordable. Look at it as the IKEA version of a designer lamp. It looks almost the same, but at a fraction of the price.

This option is great for the beginner, trying out getting the song professionally mixed!

If you have any questions about this service please get in touch!

Observe! This service does not include any revisions, nor any refund or cancellation declared in the “Terms and Conditions” page, because of the low price and fast turnaround.

Requirements for this service:

  • No more than 12 audio tracks.
  • No midi tracks.
  • This service contains no editing. (All breaths and noise still left in will be heard once compression is added to the track.)
  • No refunds once the purchase is completed.
  • Export the tracks from the same point in time. Please try to import the exported tracks in a new project before sending to ensure everything works.
  • Make sure all plugins are turned off before exporting, with the exception of creative plugins such as guitar amps.
  • Exported tracks must be in a lossless format (.wav) and at least 24 bit, 44,1khz.
  • The exported tracks must be labeled correctly (Artist – Song Name – Track Name/Instrument)
  • If you have any references for the general style of the song you want me to be aware of, please attach links in the folder.
  • All tracks and other relevant information must be sent in a zipped folder. (Link to a cloud service where you can upload you material will be sent by mail shortly after purchase.)
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