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I love getting emails!

To send me a mix, drop me an email and I will get back to you with instructions! Remember to check before hand if I am available!


Below is flat rates I commonly use.
Please contact me for individual pricing.


– 1 song à 3 minutes and max 30 tracks of audio – 150 euro
– 1 track of audio for editing – 20 euro per 3 minutes


– 1 piece of music for windband à 3 minutes – 300 euro
– 1 piece for 2-4 piece ensembles à 3 minutes – 200 euro


– 1 track of audio played to sheet music provided – 100 euro
– 1 track of programmed audio – 70 euro

I provide the following instruments:
Clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano/alto/tenor saxophones, flute, piano, acoustic/electric guitar, ukulele, bass ukulele, electric bass, percussion/drums