Niclas is a multi talented musician and producer, that wont give up until he finds the best possible version. He creates magic in his nice studio and puts amazing melodies to my lyrics. In his studio i can feel safe and the constructive feedback he gives in both text and verbally, makes the songs rise one more notch. I am happy to have Niclas as my producer and composer. My strongest recommendations Niclas will help you - no matte what genre

Tina Wilhelmsson

I'm so very happy i chose to collaborate with Niclas at The Swedish Music Studio. For one Niclas is incredibly creative and free spirited, dares to try everything and push it to the edge to find the absolute best. He has a deep knowledge and experience that permeates everything he does. And second it is immensely enjoyable working in the studio! It makes everything feel so natural and one can really relax and give everything. Thank you for the collaboration! Next project here we go!

Charlotte Gyllenbäck Fransson

I can highly recommend Niclas. He is always listening to what I have to say and work hard to get it right. He is an amazing musician with a professional education and he is not afraid to try new things and think outside the box. I always have fun working with him and I always feel secure that the end result will be good! I have worked with him on multiple projects and will definitely keep on working with him for many more.

Sara Hammarbäck

Niclas [The Swedish Music Studio] became our savior. A hopeless recording got life and color in his hands. We in Längtans Motell gladly recommends Niclas for assignments like this. In our case it turned out that with his listening skills understood our ambitions and thereafter created a mix with a soundscape that was what we had imagined!

Mats Lindbäck (Längtans Motell)
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