Because we don’t have a lot of expenses. It’s as simple as that.

Our studio is located in a 9 square meter hut next to our house in beautiful Dalarna, Sweden. The studio is acoustically treated and measures well for it’s size, and we are using premium gear from Focal, MunroSonic, RME and Metric Halo that offer amazing quality for both recording and playback, but other than and the computers and software we use there isn’t really anything that costs a lot of money.

Our studio, in the glow from the beautiful northern lights

Since a good while back we are mixing exclusively in the box to be able to work on multiple songs at once to keep costs down, and to save on the electricity bill. This means lower costs for us: less maintenance costs, minimal electrical bills, no assistants and no studio time where we can’t work because we are waiting for approval or feedback from artists.

Less is more! Would we love a rack of outboards to play around with? Sure, but that would also mean higher fees for the customer, and we really care about you guys!

We love small budget, home made songs made by night all tired and exhausted after putting the kids to bed. That is where the heart and soul is. And, since we are also one of those people, we know how much music means to these people! We do everything we can to make sure we are as affordable as possible for everyone!



The Swedish Music Studio

The Swedish Music Studio is a small scale production facility that focuses on the customer. Its owner Niclas Gustafsson is a multiinstrumentalist, producer and mixengineer who works primarily in acoustic music, classical and pop.

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