There is more than one way to pay for our services.

If you live in Sweden or Europe we can send you an invoice by email.

Notice that we do not release the bought tracks until payment has landed in our accounts. (Don’t worry, you can listen to the song as much as you want using our links in the meantime.)

In all other places in the world we use PayPal as our credit card middle men. They offer services to pay in installments, pay later, and other great options to be able to pay securely and safely.

All transactional questions needs to be adressed with PayPal directly since we have no control over this after you press that button, as it should be. Their secure login and credit card handling is amazing, but strips the merchant of any control what so ever.



The Swedish Music Studio

The Swedish Music Studio is a small scale production facility that focuses on the customer. Its owner Niclas Gustafsson is a multiinstrumentalist, producer and mixengineer who works primarily in acoustic music, classical and pop.

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